Learn about our work…

Learn about our work…

Workers Benefit Fund has the experience, technology, and team required to fuel the growth of unions and help execute legislative actions. Each of our clients presents a unique situation that we approach with a customizable package.

  1. Technology: Using app software created in-house, we offer organizations an easy-to-use and customized platform that keeps them in constant communication with their members. 

  2. Benefits: Like traditional unions and employers, benefits remain among the most powerful organizing tools. We have established relationships with providers and can offer group buying power for services like telemedicine, healthcare enrollment, and legal aid.  

  3. Marketing: You know your membership best, so we’ll work with you to understand the needs of your membership base before drafting a marketing calendar to help promote benefits, and any other services your organization offers. 

  4. Data: Imagine the power of having an accurate and up-to-date contact list for both members and leads of your organization at your fingertips. Our tech, data analysis, and call center teams turn clicks, form submissions, and phone calls into the lists you need to grow your membership.

  5. Customer Support: Our specialized team of customer support team members will work one on one with your members to connect them to their benefits, answer their questions, and resolve any issues. We also work with a translation service to make our services accessible to everyone.

  6. Maintenance: Whether you want to add a benefit, tweak your data collection, or need to adjust the user experience of your app, we’re here to help. We know your needs will change as your organization grows, and we’re prepared to meet the challenge.

Gig Unions/Worker Organizations

Gig workers are unique because they don’t follow a regular schedule or show up on a shop floor; they are hard to track down. WBF understands this population’s experience and how to develop actionable relationships with them. WBF provides technology, organizing, and outreach that support gig unions to grow and grow quickly, and our experience has helped us grow a number of gig unions from zero members to tens of thousands.

State Institutions

State institutions and benefits were built to interact with employees. Unemployment insurance, disability insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Medicaid, and food stamps are all programs that rely on the paycheck as a means of collection, or eligibility assessment. State institutions were not built to operate outside of this system. WBF has bridged this gap.  

WBF has a unique position in the marketplace in that we have earned the trust of worker organizations that represent gig workers who trust WBF to manage their data and outreach. Additionally, we have worked with both Uber and Lyft using their outreach platforms and connecting with their data to provide benefits. Plus, WBF has the trust of state institutions like the New York Health and Hospital System, and the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission to provide services to drivers. Because of our capabilities and experience, WBF is uniquely capable of connecting all of these kinds of organizations to the workforce they serve. 

WBF’s first client was New York’s Black Car Fund, a non-profit organization that offers health and wellness benefits to Black Car drivers through Drivers Benefits.

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