How BeneStream Helps

We help reduce costs, increase health coverage, and lower turnover by enrolling employees in free and low-cost health benefit programs.


BeneStream’s Services

Employee Termination Assistance Program provides counsel and enrollment assistance in obtaining free and low-cost health coverage for recently terminated employees, saving businesses the cost and administrative burden of dealing with COBRA.

Workers Medicaid provides options for industries with large numbers of lower-income employees. Companies need to keep healthcare costs down and too many employees often can’t afford coverage even when they are enrolled in the company-sponsored health insurance plan because the co-pays or deductibles don’t fit their household budget constraints

BeneStream screens your employees (new hires and existing employees) for eligibility, explains the advantages to those that qualify, and provides concierge enrollment services.



BeneStream’s Process

On-site, online or via phone, BeneStream’s skilled, multilingual enrollment experts identify eligible employees and their family members and guide them through enrollment

Employee Engagement: We offer advocacy, education, concierge support for enrollment in Medicaid and CHIP, referral for Medicare, and individual exchanges.

Ongoing Service: You’ll get support for changes in eligibility, renewal assistance, and new cases


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